Patient Information

First Oral Surgery Visit

Your first visit with us in Lubbock, Texas, will involve a consultation and full oral exam with Dr. Robert B. Ioppolo to determine the treatment plan most suited to your dental condition. The introductory appointment allows you to ask Dr. Ioppolo any questions regarding your dental issues. This initial consultation is also a great opportunity for our team to set you up for any additional X-rays or 3D scans that may be needed for your treatment plan.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your consultation:

Patients who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all appointments.

Regarding your medical history and personal information, please be sure to discuss any existing medical conditions during your oral consultation appointment. We suggest that you arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to complete any forms regarding insurance information or medical history. If you have had any X-rays or scans before your consultation, you may contact your dentist or referring doctor to have them sent to our office in Lubbock, TX.

Please call before your initial consultation appointment with any questions. Our office staff will be happy to assist you so that you feel fully prepared.

Anesthesia Services

We want our patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment, which is why we offer several options for sedation. Learn more about your choices for anesthesia.

3D Imaging

In order to provide you with the most detailed and accurate treatment plan, we utilize 3D images. Learn more about the latest in 3D scanning technology.


At Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock, our practice is focused on providing high-quality and reliable care. We want our patients to know that they are getting not only the best care but also a treatment plan that they can trust. Our methods are tried and true, which means patients will know what to expect after their first consultation. In line with our commitment to meeting our patients' expectations, we provide all of our patients with instructions for pre- and post-operative care.

Pre- and post-operative instructions are a fantastic tool for patients of all ages to prepare for their procedure. The pre-operative instructions given to you will contain guidelines to follow to ensure that we can perform your surgery as planned. Your post-operative instructions will be more specific to your treatment and help you rest comfortably and heal properly after surgery. These instructions are just one more way that we can help our patients trust in the care that we provide. You can find both written and video forms of our instructions in both English and Spanish on the pages below.

Instrucciones en Español

Queremos que nuestros pacientes conozcan exactamente qué esperar en su cirugía y en su recuperación, por eso proveemos a todos nuestros pacientes instrucciones pre- y postoperatorias. Las instrucciones pre-operativas contienen instrucciones para ayudarle a prepararse para su cita y asegurarnos que podemos realizar su cirugía según lo previsto. Las instrucciones postoperatorias son procedimiento-específicas y contienen pasos más detallados para seguir para ayudarle a tener una recuperación rápida y cómoda.

Les pedimos a todos nuestros pacientes que revisen todas las instrucciones dadas a ellos antes de la cirugía de modo que puedan tener cualquier pregunta contestada antes del procedimiento de la anestesia. Además, permite que los pacientes vuelvan a casa después de la cirugía y conozcan lo que se espera de ellos para asegurar conseguir los resultados óptimos. Nuestra meta es ayudar a que la experiencia de cada paciente con el tratamiento y la recuperación se lo mejor posible, y proveyendo estas instrucciones útiles nos ayuda a hacer tan.

Practice Forms

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Financial & Insurance Information

At Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock, we try our best to make sure the payment process at our office is as convenient as possible for you. We accept a variety of payment methods as listed below:

We also accept the third-party financial plan known as CareCredit®, which allows patients to make monthly payments over time for their procedure. This payment option should be discussed with our office staff at your initial consultation appointment.

Regarding insurance policies, we do not partner with any network providers at this time, but we will file with the insurance provider on the patient's behalf and advocate to maximize every benefit that exists in their policy. As always, our team is dedicated to providing the best patient care and support we can offer, and that includes making sure all your paperwork and insurance claims are in the right order to be processed.

Thank you for taking the time to review this important information, and we look forward to meeting with you.

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy as a patient. Click here to read our Statement of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) notice.