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Finding a way to preserve a natural tooth that's been damaged due to an accident or decay is the highest priority, but if the tooth is beyond repair, an extraction is often the best solution.

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When a tooth is damaged or infected, it can cause issues with not only your ability to eat and smile but also with your other teeth and overall oral health. Infection can spread quickly from one tooth to your gums and nearby teeth, causing more serious problems for your health, which is why it's important to have infected teeth treated immediately. When a tooth is too severely damaged, it will most likely require an extraction to prevent things from getting worse.

Tooth extractions are often the last resort when other procedures, such a dental procedures or apicoectomies, are not viable options for repairing the tooth. Extractions are also common in younger patients who experience crowding or need preparation for orthodontics. We understand that the thought of losing teeth may cause anxiety, but our oral surgeons are highly trained and can safely extract your tooth without causing excessive discomfort. We also offer several solutions for tooth replacement. We encourage you to watch the testimonial videos below to hear more about the extraction experience at our office.

When your teeth are damaged, they can sometimes be repaired by your dentist with a dental filling, root canal, or crown. However, when a tooth is damaged beyond repair because of decay, injury, or other oral health complications, sometimes the only option is an extraction procedure. Our oral surgeon in Lubbock, TX, understand the sensitivity that goes hand in hand with extracting a tooth from your smile, and they work hard to ensure patients are always comfortable. Our team will also make sure to talk to you about your options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants. Dental implants can permanently restore your missing teeth with a natural-looking and fully functional replacement.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

There are a few conditions that create cause for tooth extraction:

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in the back of the mouth. They should be extracted as soon as possible because the average mouth does not have enough room for an extra set of molars. If left untreated, wisdom teeth can push against adjacent molars, causing misalignment and bite problems. Most simple tooth extractions only require local anesthesia to numb the surgical area, whereas many patients undergo IV sedation for wisdom tooth removal. Visit our Wisdom Teeth Removal page to learn more about third molars and the process of having them extracted.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

When performing a tooth extraction procedure, Dr. Robert B. Ioppolo will use local anesthesia to prevent any pain or discomfort, unless the patient is undergoing multiple extractions or a more complicated extraction. For a longer or more complicated procedure, he may administer IV sedation to put the patient in a sleep-like state during the surgery. During your consultation, he can discuss your anesthesia options before deciding on a treatment plan.

After your consultation, you will return for your surgical procedure. First, your surgeon will administer your chosen anesthesia. Then, the tooth or teeth in question will be removed. For simple extractions, the tooth will be loosened and removed. If the tooth is especially large or difficult to remove, your surgeon may remove the tooth in small sections. For teeth that are trapped beneath the gums or broken around the gum line, a surgical extraction will be necessary. For a surgical extraction, some of the gum and bone tissue around the tooth may need to be moved or removed. Once the tooth is removed, your surgeon will ensure that all signs of infection are gone before suturing the surgical site.

Options After Tooth Extraction

When having a tooth extracted, there are several options you have when it comes to restoring it. Our team at Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock is here to answer your questions and provide you with all of your treatment options upfront.

Tooth Extractions at Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock

In Lubbock, TX, our team understands many patients are nervous about having a tooth removed, but our office can help you find the best option for replacing or extracting your teeth. Whether you are interested in dental implants, dentures, or other options, a consultation with Dr. Ioppolo will help you find the best treatment plan for your needs. We encourage you to browse the information on the site to learn about our treatment plans or contact our office for more information.