We love hearing from our patients about their positive experiences with our office, and we always welcome new feedback. We have also found that other patients love to hear reviews about our office as well; hearing from other patients about a procedure you are going to receive or about the team you are interacting with can help you feel much more comfortable. We are happy to provide our patients with the testimonial videos below, which feature our patients sharing their stories and discussing why they chose us and why they recommend us.

If you are nervous about surgery or just want to have a better idea of what to expect, these testimonials are a great resource for you. Nobody knows us better than the patients who have already experienced firsthand our high-quality care and commitment to patient comfort. You can hear directly from them about the treatment process and patient experience at our office and let their positive reviews ease your nerves and help you feel comfortable.

Referring Providers Reviews

At Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock, we are blessed to work with a number of local dental and medical professionals. When it comes to providing the highest quality patient care, we believe in the importance of teamwork. We are truly able to offer the best patient experience when we collaborate with other professionals.

We are thankful to every professional who refers their patients to our office. Our doctors can provide specialized treatment to these patients and ensure they have the same positive experience that they normally would at their regular dental office. To hear more about why providers choose to refer to our office, watch the videos below!

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Now that you’ve listened to stories from our patients, we encourage you to learn more about our doctors, team, and practice so you can see how we dedicate our time to provide the highest quality treatments with the most up-to-date technology.