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Meet Landre

Dr. Ioppolo eased her nerves by explaining her procedure thoroughly.

I went and saw Dr. Ioppolo, and I had all four wisdom teeth taken out. I went to a dentist a couple months ago, and they said that my wisdom teeth were starting to come in but just to watch them, and then they just started hurting more and more, so I had to make an appointment with an oral surgeon. I was nervous on my first experience here because I had never really gone to an oral surgeon before, so I didn't know how the experience was going to go, like how my wisdom teeth were going to be taken out — I didn't know what was really going to happen. But I felt very comfortable after we talked; he explained everything thoroughly. The staff was very welcoming. They were all very nice, and they helped me feel more comfortable about everything going on. They were very helpful. Everything went as planned; it was a smooth surgery. It lasted less than an hour, so it went very well. My teeth feel great. They're starting to heal up because they have holes in there from when they extracted the teeth, and they're healing up very nicely. I hardly had very much pain afterward. I feel great. I wasn't that swollen, so it went very smoothly, and I feel great.

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