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Meet Julie

Her procedure was really simple, thanks to our skilled and friendly staff.

I came to this practice to get my wisdom teeth extracted earlier this year. When I came in, obviously the office is really warm and welcoming. The people are kind; you're greeted with a smile. And when I sat down — I had gotten an X-ray — and I sat down with Dr. Ioppolo, and you could instantly tell that he was just a good person. He was very kind and had a good sense of humor. He walked me through all of my X-ray; he explained how my teeth were positioned, he talked about the risk that was involved with the surgery and then answered any questions that I had. I knew there would be swelling, and I knew there would be some pain, but it was really easy. The surgery was really simple, and I attribute a lot of that to the staff here. I would recommend anybody from Lubbock or any of the surrounding cities, like Levelland or Plainview, to come see Dr. Ioppolo, and I guarantee you'll have really good care.

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