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Meet Johnny

Dr. Ioppolo removed Jonny’s wisdom teeth and alleviated his pain.

I was having wisdom teeth problems. They would start to hurt, and, kind of, I guess, just be bothersome, but it started to become more constant, so that’s when my coworker, I said, ‘Who’d you recommend for an oral surgeon?’ and she said, “They’re all pretty good, but I would probably go with Dr. Ioppolo.’ When I first met Dr. Ioppolo, I—it was great. Everything went smooth, everything was great. He was very straight to the point, which I liked. Recovery was surprisingly very smooth, very, very smooth. What surprised me the most was when Dr. Ioppolo made that effort to call and see how I was doing. So that, I mean, you want to talk about going above and beyond, that’s it right there. For all my friends in Plainview, Hale Center, Floydada, I definitely recommend Dr. Ioppolo.

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