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Meet Deedra

Her wisdom tooth extraction was quick and painless.

I had an impacted wisdom tooth, and I was referred by my dentist. It was very bothersome — not necessarily painful or anything like that, it was just bothering me, and I knew it needed to be taken out. I didn't have any fears or anything like that. His staff and Dr. Ioppolo had met with me before that, and they had reassured me that it was going to be a simple procedure, and it wouldn't be anything to be scared of. When I came in for my procedure, it probably took longer to just get set up, having the gas and all that. As far as the procedure goes, he came in, and within five seconds, he was gone. It was super fast. I highly recommend Dr. Ioppolo and his staff because they are very wonderful and great people, and they make the process completely painless, and it was a very easy thing.

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