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Meet Christy

Dr. Ioppolo put her mind at ease during her daughter's treatment.

Jordan had a wisdom tooth that was causing one of her 12-year molars to be impacted. Dr. Ioppolo was actually a referral by our orthodontist, so we came here, and right away our experience was wonderful. The staff was great — very friendly, very helpful. Dr. Ioppolo was great, put my mind at ease. The procedure was actually really smooth. We had an appointment within a week of actually coming in the first time, which was fantastic. We didn't have to wait hardly any time at all. Everything went smoothly. There wasn't any complications. Got her home, her recovery was really quick. It was within just a couple of days she was feeling better, back on her feet, able to eat solid foods again, which was great. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Hill and Ioppolo.

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