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Facts About Wisdom Teeth:

  • Wisdom teeth are the last of the 32 adult permanent teeth to develop and erupt.
  • Wisdom teeth produce stem cells that can be saved for the potential treatment of future illness and disease.
  • 9 out of 10 people will have at least one wisdom tooth that is impacted.
  • Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infections, damage to other teeth, and cysts.

Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock is proud to continue its Wisdom For Wisdom program. This program provides free wisdom teeth removal to a local student to help offset some of their college expenses, like textbooks. This year the student will also get the opportunity to shadow Dr. Ioppolo for a day, as well as have the chance to bank their wisdom teeth stem cells from our partner, Stemodontics®. During the procedure, the student will be treated using EXPAREL®, a non-opioid alternative for post-operative pain management.

Isaac, 18, from Lubbock, just graduated from high school and will be attending West Texas A&M University. Isaac has cerebral palsy and has undergone 12 surgeries throughout his life, which add up to a lot of medical costs. However, Isaac hasn’t let anything stop him: he is a national level speech and debate competitor, with five national qualifiers in 4 years. Like many teenagers, his wisdom teeth are becoming an issue, and he wants to get them removed before speech competitions for college begin in the fall.

We are proud to help Isaac maintain his oral health as he pursues his academic endeavors.

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