Local oral surgeon and veteran Dr. Robert Ioppolo of Hill & Ioppolo Oral and Facial Surgeons of Lubbock announced the recipient for his third annual Smiles For Soldiers program. The announcement revealed that disabled veteran Chris, 33, would receive a life-changing makeover, worth $50,000, completely free of charge. The Smiles For Soldiers program offers local veterans and active-duty soldiers in need of critical dental treatment the opportunity to receive a free full-arch restoration treatment. The dental implant-based replacement restores an entire arch of teeth, resulting in a brand-new smile.

Chris, of Lubbock, is a young Marine who was injured while serving, and the majority of his teeth are either severely damaged or missing. Chris lives with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a degenerative spine condition that has him living with limited mobility. His current dental condition puts him in constant discomfort which he feels holds him back in his life. When asked how a smile makeover would change his life, Chris responded, “I want to be able to eat corn on the cob and drink without feeling any pain or sensitivity.”

“The Smiles For Soldiers program is our way of giving back to the veteran and active-duty soldiers who have done a tremendous amount for not only our country but for our local community,” said Dr. Robert Ioppolo. “We are eager to help transform Chris’ smile and help him regain his confidence.”

Dr. Robert Ioppolo is collaborating with Dr. P’Jay Merrell of Merrell & Nichols Dentistry, Special Service Dental Laboratory, and Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Company to complete the procedure and give Chris a smile he deserves.

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