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Giving a Veteran a New Smile

The team at Hill & Ioppolo Oral & Dental Implant Surgery of Lubbock is proud to announce that this year’s Smiles For Soldiers program recipient is William from Lubbock

William, 39, is a veteran and recently graduated with a degree in Christian Ministry. While he has been searching for a job within this field or a complimentary one, he has been delivering packages for Amazon, doing voice over work, and helping in the emergency room of a local hospital. In his application, William said that he didn’t even like to smile in public because of his broken and missing teeth. He continued to say that he hoped this opportunity would allow him “to stand in front of people again and speak with confidence and not feel like all they see is a broken smile.

We hope that providing William with a full-arch restoration will improve his oral health and confidence as he pursues his dreams.

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William will receive a full set of customized, artificial teeth at no cost. This tooth replacement solution is called full-arch restoration because it replaces a full dental arch of missing or failing teeth. Our team of experts will work closely with a restorative dentist to complete the treatment.

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Learn more about dental implants and full-arch restoration to see how they improve oral health and confidence. Whether you need to replace one tooth or an entire arch of teeth, our team has a solution for you.

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