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Meet Nelda

She felt comfortable and like she's known Dr. Ioppolo all her life.

It was hard for me to chew because I could only chew on one side. I first went to my dentist, and I have some teeth that are missing, and he recommended that I go see Dr. Ioppolo to get some implants. As soon as I walked in the front door, they were very welcoming to me, and then once I met Dr. Ioppolo, I just felt like I'd known him all my life. Dr. Ioppolo is a very personable person. He made me feel comfortable right from the start, shook my hand, introduced himself. The staff was wonderful. They let me know what was going to go on from start to end and very comforting and easy to understand. All the instructions were great. After the surgery, I feel better because my teeth fit together wonderfully. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ioppolo. He is a great, great oral surgeon.

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