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Meet Melissa

She always feels better faster and hurts less after treatment in our office.

I had an unfortunate few-year process of trying to get a bone graft and an implant in my rear molar, so I made a stop here, found these guys (was referred to them), and they did a great job of getting my dental treatment back on track. Dr. Ioppolo was super warm, super professional, very inviting, very informative about what was going to happen. I felt like he took the time to explain things. He answered all my questions. Everything went really well. It's the first time in four years that I've been able to chew naturally on the left rear molar. Everything has gone really well. They under-promise, over-deliver. I always feel better faster than I thought I would. I always heal faster than I thought. It always hurts less than they say it's going to hurt. It's wonderful.

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